Ged Fitzpatrick, Executive Head Teacher at St Mary’s College, is proud to introduceGed Fitzpatrick
the country’s first Medical, Health & Social Care Academy to all prospective
“As the area’s leading 6th form provider, we are thrilled to be delivering
this important and innovative project for the city with our partners at
NHS Hull CCG. Students who join the MHSC Academy benefit from
an unprecedented level of guidance, training and support from NHS
professionals and this is all available alongside our outstanding 6th form
educational offer and state-of-the-art facilities. The MHSC Programme is
of the highest quality to ensure that our students are successful in their ambitions to have careers
in the NHS and Social Care.”

Emma Latimer, Chief Officer, of NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group,
“Hull’s new Medical, Health & Social Care Academy at St Mary’s College is
one of the most exciting projects to come from the Hull 2020 programme.
We want our next generation to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives withEmma Latimer
great long-term career prospects. To do this we need to link in with
colleges and academies to develop the skills we need within the city for
our future workforce.
We are therefore delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking college like St Mary’s. The
new Academy is able to offer a unique mix of specialist teaching, training and work experience for
students interested in a medical, health or social care career path.
There are many different roles across the NHS and Social Care to choose from, and all are
needed and valued in the community. It’s not just about doctors and nurses – we need dedicated
midwives, therapists, mental health professionals, health visitors, paramedics, theatre assistants,
social workers – and even health commissioners planning the services people in the city need now
and in the future!
We hope that the content of this prospectus inspires you to study and learn at the Hull Medical,
Health and Social Care Academy. It’s the first step of a fantastic and rewarding career!”


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