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What is the MHSC Academy?

It is a 2-year training, development and enrichment programme that runs alongside your 6th form qualification studies and is delivered in partnership with the NHS & Social Care. It has been established to ensure that our students are successful when applying for the next step towards a career in NHS & Social Care. In some cases, it may even lead directly to a job. With this initiative, we aim to increase the NHS & Social Care workforce, particularly in the local area.








Who is the MHSC Academy for?
It is for any student entering SM6 in Yr. 12 that is interested in a career in the NHS or Social Care.

What is SM6?
SM6 is the 6th Form at OFSTED outstanding St Mary’s College in Hull.

Who can join SM6?
Any student from across the city or beyond is welcome to apply for a place in SM6.


Why should I join the MHSC Academy?
Even though the news is full of critical shortages in key NHS professions, it is still very competitive to get on to the right course of study or career pathway. Degree courses such as medicine, midwifery, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy and many others are significantly over subscribed and this programme is designed to ensure your application is strong and your chance of success is high. Joining the MHSC Academy will also enable you to see if you like the career before you further commit to it. If during the time you are in the MHSC Academy your career aspirations change, then you will be fully supported to explore other options.

What can I expect if I join the MHSC Academy?
Wide-ranging exposure to NHS and Social Care
NHS accredited training courses
Mentoring provided by NHS professionals
Work experience / placements in the area of your career choice
CV, personal statement and application writing support
Volunteering opportunities
Access to all SM6 pastoral & educational support.

Will I have to do a lot more work?
You do not have to do a lot more work but dedication and commitment to your studies is required as an entry criteria. Several of the programme activities take place during the school day, so it is necessary for you to make arrangements with your teacher to catch up on any missed work.


The Academy Programme